Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – A Detailed Report. Scam?

Product Name Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program
Main benefits The easy and natural way to release tight hip muscles
Money Back Guarantee 60 days
Availability Only through the official website
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Unlock your Hip Flexors. What does this mean?

In most cases, one would assume this means increased flexibility and reduced stress in the hips.

However, a new(ish) “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” product has hit the market stating that the program will not only help you release your hip flexors, but will also help you look slimmer, improve your sex life, and improve your sex life. help you sleep better.

What Is the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program?

Unlock Your Hip Flexors gives you a practical approach. The easy and natural way to release tight hip muscles. Its aim is to help users get desired results within 60 days with 10-15 minutes per day. The hip muscles are the muscles that help move the body. It serves as the motor through which the body moves and controls balance, the ability to sit, stand, twist, etc. your.

Of course, they are not meant to be tight. When they get tight, you need a way to loosen them up. The methods used in this book are natural methods that have been specially proven by many experts.

About the Author

Rick Kaselj, MS, BSc, is the founder. He is also the CEO of Exercises for Injury. Rick has 20 years of hands-on experience helping people through trauma and pain.

To date, he is credited with giving 300 presentations to thousands of health and fitness professionals across North America. He is a member of the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance and the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists.


What’s Included in ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors’?

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a combination of two parts – Digital Instruction Book (E-Book) and Online Video. Both contain what you will read below. However, much of the information is so complete in the book that you’ll know what to expect in the video.

The digital guidebook opened the way for readers to understand the meaning of Hip Flexors. It enlightens them to the fact that hip flexors are the engine that keeps you moving. They control balance, the ability to sit, stand, twist, reach for things, bend over, walk, and step on things.

 Then you will be enlightened about how sitting is a person’s biggest problem. No matter how many exercises you participate in if you are a person who sits a lot, you will face problems due to sitting. According to the program, you may encounter weakness and many other problems when choosing a seat.

You will then be shown the ways your body reacts negatively to sitting. According to the program, some of the problems encountered are:

  • Abdominal Syndrome: According to the creator, some people face the problem of a bloated belly regardless of the amount of exercise they participate in. . And he made it known that the bloated belly was caused by the tight psoas, which arched the lower back and pushed the stomach out. In case the psoas is working properly, it will pull in your belly and give you a strong flat stomach.
  • Fat loss inhibitors: the program is also used to clarify fat loss inhibitors. They believe that the fighting or flying muscle of the body is the psoas. In that vein, it’s right immediately tighten in moments of danger to protect yourself (in the fetal position) or to support your flight after it is activated and fueled by the release of adrenaline.

In that case, the body starts to store fat whenever the psoas gets into a tight habit. At that point, it sends a signal to the body, putting you in constant danger and causing the adrenal glands to constantly send flights or react against the joint.

At this point, your immune syour posture ystem has a high chance of experiencing a high dose of adrenaline, and your body automatically goes into fat storage mode, anticipating danger.

  • Lack of Sexual Effectiveness: the book goes further to explain how sitting can reduce levels of sexual activity. The explanation is that sitting a lot puts the hips in a forward thrust position. And the consequence of that is that your lower back is being pulled and taking away the necessary blood and circulation through the hips and other important places.

After further research, you will understand why stretching and rolling with tennis won’t do you any good because they are generic methods that never loosen a tight hip. Instead, they just make people weaker over time and the reason for this is that many of them don’t find out that the problem is buried in the parts that this type of exercise can’t focus on. into the.

Going further, you’ll be taught how to target those hard-to-reach muscles with detailed step-by-step video tutorials. You’ll then learn about the most important element of human body posture and why your hips hold the key to peak performance and how failing this can be a problem. How: Your performance will be severely affected whether running, walking or even just standing.

Then you’ll learn the real impact of “Strength Muscles” in your body and how it really affects your physical, emotional and mental well-being and you’ll be amazed how much of an effect it has. How big an impact it has on your daily life.

You’ll then learn how your body’s natural survival response is tricked into permanently “dangerous” mode and how you can turn it off for faster fat loss and more energy. The reason for this is something that will seem wacky but is in fact true.

Then you learn the main cause of your psoas muscle changes in structure, a major danger sign for your body, and how any change, even the smallest, has a dramatic effect on the body. you make other muscle groups compensate.

Going further, you will understand why you are likely to be affected by this problem no matter who you are – a regular person or even a trainer. With that, you’ll see the amazing reason your high-intensity core workout can be harmful

more is beneficial if you don’t relax your hips first and why crunches and sit-ups won’t work.

 Not only that, you’ll see why strong legs and glutes are important to your overall health and why you need to prevent excessive hip flexion; How trauma, trauma, and stress can build up in your posture and how it will ultimately affect your psychological state.

Plus, you’ll learn that the “cure” is not simply to stop sitting; instead, you’ll learn how you need to be more proactive in focusing on the affected muscles to repair damage from sitting all day.

Going further, you’ll see the most likely reason the damage happened and exactly what you need to do to correct that deep-seated imbalance before the damage becomes permanent. Then you’ll learn why “comfort” and “support” are the enemies of natural human physiology and how you can work toward your natural posture.

He will then show you how tight hips affect your sexual performance through reduced blood flow and circulation and what you can do to achieve an excellent sexual health again. again. Plus, you’ll see why some guys get the “old butt syndrome” that inevitably leads to hip pain and how to avoid it by relaxing the hips.

Furthermore, you will be guided on two situations you need to keep in mind when training your glutes to ensure they are activated properly for maximum athletic performance and how to clear your mind and re-energize. magnify your thoughts simply by learning to relax. psoas muscle

Furthermore, you will be taught how to release these tight Flexors on your own. Here are some of the things you will be trained on:

  • Stretching PNF : PNF stands for receptive neuromuscular impulse. This is a technique that allows you to activate a specific muscle to relax the muscles around the joint so that you can reduce stiffness around the joint.
  • Dynamic stretching: Next, you’ll be able to explore a stretch pattern that activates the muscles around the joint. This joint move cannot be done at the same time. You will be trained on how to do it through a series of movements in a continuous manner. Doing that will then lead to increased range of motion around the joint and improved surrounding circulation.
  • 3-D Core Stabilization Exercises: With these exercises, you’ll target muscles in all areas of motion, so the core and abs are more likely to work, endurance and strength. in all sides of motion, resulting in a reduction of unnecessary damaging stress on the joints.
  • Mobility exercises: In these exercises, you are targeting the joint and performing movements and exercises that help the joint function optimally.
  • Stretching: In this unique technique, you are targeting the tissue the muscles are surrounded by and working to loosen and lengthen the abdominal muscles. Few people understand the negative impact this tissue can have on your body.
  • Muscle-Activated Movement: Due to sitting a lot and using technology every day, many of our muscles don’t work properly. With this technique, you are targeting those muscles that are disabled and activating them to help your body move more efficiently.

Remember that the program is made up of manuals and Videos. The Videos contain different exercises with explanations from the creators of perfection and how to do each exercise. This is a Coaching Video where the creator walks you through each exercise in detail, so you fully understand why you’re doing the exercise, the best way to do it, and how it feels. How was that episode? The second video is a Follow-Along format designed to help you do the exercises along with the video without explanation.

Also with this program are two bonus packages – ‘Unlock your toned muscles’ (Key to a healthy back and perfect posture) and ‘7 Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet’ (Automatically heal the body with the right food).

Unlock your toned muscles “The key to a healthy back and perfect posture”.

It’s important to exercise your hamstrings as an individual. The right way to train this hamstring requires you to pay a lot of money for a trainer to help you.

However, there are some things you can do for yourself that only take a few minutes a day. It is a very reliable way that has been known to help improve muscle tone and loosen tight hamstring muscles instantly. Within minutes, you can begin to reverse damage to your hamstring and greatly affect how you feel.

This effective procedure, the EBook adds, will not only reduce the likelihood of injury, but will also improve performance, correct posture, and reduce pain in the lower back.

BONUS 2 7 Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet “Automatically Heal With The Right Food”

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program helps bring you to include the benefits of looser Hip Flexors with greater strength and flexibility. But its benefits are multiplied when combined with a holistic diet to naturally relieve aches, pains, aches and stiffness by addressing inflammation caused by injury or toxicity. environmental factors in our food and water.

Your diet is one of the main causes of inflammatory responses that lead to poor health. To prevent this, you can immediately improve your body’s response to inflammation by choosing the right foods that work with your body to stimulate a natural healing response.

The 7 Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet is a complete nutrition program for you that includes diet recommendations, meal plans, shopping lists, and additional tips to help your body go on autopilot. Heal.

Within as little as 24 hours, your body will switch to the natural healing process instead of causing pain and inflammation, which leads to many chronic diseases and health problems.

Why is Unlocking Hip Flexors useful?

The hip flexion causes more health problems when it is tightened. Unlock Your Hip Flexors helps to make the sets flexible yet strong. Unlocking your Hip Flexors seems to be beneficial for several reasons. Some of the significant benefits of Unlock Your Hip Flexors include:

  • Pain treatment : The manual helps you to relieve the back pain and joint pain that has plagued you for a long time. Several reviews of Unlock Your Hip Flexors claim that this guide helps limit the pain caused by arthritis.
  • Unlock hip flexors : The hip flexors are too tight causing the hips to lock. Unlocking Your Hips Exercises are primarily aimed at unlocking the hip flexors.
  • Get rid of belly fat : Puffy belly syndrome is the result of sitting for a long time and flexing the hip muscles. People find it difficult to get rid of belly fat even after exercising and taking supplements. However, they are not aware that the underlying cause is the strained psoas muscle. Without using any harmful drugs, Unlock Your Hip Flexors manual will help you overcome bloated belly syndrome.
  • Improved sleep patterns: Once you can prevent a bloated stomach and joint pains, you’ll be able to sleep peacefully without disturbance.
  • Improve sex life: The aches and pains of the whole body make the patient lose interest in sex life. When the hip flexors are relaxed, you should be able to function again with more strength and pain-free.

Unlocking Your Hip Flexors: Pros and Cons Overview


  • Allows you to release your tight hips.
  • Helps relax the muscles in your joints.
  • Supports hip health.
  • Comes with a nutrition plan.
  • Easy to buy because the price is friendly .
  • Easy to understand
  • Written by fitness experts.
  • Designed to fit all bodies of all ages.
  • Ten exercises are very easy to do.
  • Enhances the body’s overall energy and improves blood flow.


  • So-called correction and therapeutic exercises don’t work for everyone.
  • Over-the-counter purchase is not possible at the nearest store.
  • Delivery is not free.
  • Results do not follow a consistent pattern.

Is it safe to use Unlock Hip Flexors?

Looks like unlocking your hip flexors is Sade to use. For that reason, the exercises in the program are not strange exercises at all.

These exercises are the ones that a yogi or any fitness professional would recommend to you, and according to our assessment of your hip flexors, it’s not worth your money if you’re the one. love fitness.

Unlocking Is your Hip Flexors FDA approved?

To write your hip flexor unlocking review, we did research and there are no recommendations or reports that say the program is FDA approved.

How does the Hip Flexors program stretch the hip flexors?

Unlocking your hip flexors is said to work your hip flexors by suggesting a series of exercises you’ll do to loosen up your hip flexors.

Unlocking your hip flexors is a program of ten exercises. The authors designed this exercise technique to help you strengthen your psoas, stiff hips, unlock your hip flexors and relax your hip flexors or tense psoas, and more.

Unlocking your hip flexors is a wellness program that will help you by providing more than temporary relief from your stiff hips.

Plus, according to the authors, when your psoas or hip flexors are working properly, you’ll be able to breathe easier, and your abs and abs will be stronger, more mobile, and more energetic.

Unlocking Hip Flexors Is it a scam?

There is nothing to suggest that the program is a scam. There is a money-back guarantee that you can use to get 100% of your money back.

However, there is nothing special about the show and even the sequential line the authors are bragging about.

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