Timebucks Reviews: Should you make money with Timebucks?

make money timebucks
Summary of Timebucks
Official Domain Name: Timebucks.com
Registration: 2014-04-18 to 2021-04-18 (7 years)
SSL Security: AddTrust External CA Root
Access: About 390,000 people regularly visit and at least 25 countries use this online money making platform daily.
Rank: About 56,458 in the US, which is quite a high rank.
At the prestigious rating site: The reviews of services or companies in the world trustpilot.com, timebucks is highly appreciated.
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The project was developed from Australia and the Arab community countries in 2014. With 7 years of development, many members soon joined in earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

If you’ve heard about Timebucks, you probably know it’s an online money making platform and a survey website. But to really make money, should Timebucks be? Or is this just a scam site and wasting your time.

In this article, I will review all the pros and cons of this platform. How to earn money and get free Bitcoin from it. After reading this article you will know whether to join in making money with Timebucks or to spend time on other platforms.

make money timebucks

1. What is TimeBucks?

Timebucks is a website that pays cash or bitcoin rewards for a person performing various online tasks such as:

  • Survey,
  • Post on social networks
  • Watch videos
  • Click ads
  • Surfing the web
  • Gaming
  • Install apps and more.

This project will help you make money at home through Affiliate Marketing and complete the tasks they give you.

2. Is Timebucks  a scam? Should make money with timebucks.

Timebucks is a reputable money making website. If you are worried it is a scam then you can rest assured that it will actually pay you.

In addition, Timebucks has been given a reputation as EXCELLENT on Trustpilot with over a thousand reviewers.

There have been many people who have earned and withdrawn from the project to their wallets, see payment proof right below:


3. Why does TimeBucks pay you?

TimeBucks pays because you have completed the activities requested by their partners, survey forms can be the information an individual or organization needs to do better business.

Or you watch a video that will be interspersed with ads, Timebucks is paid by that advertiser, a small part will be for you.

Main form of making money with Timebucks:

  • Complete the tasks on the website by yourself
  • Introduce referral members as partners, collaborate with Timebucks

4. Summary of 12 ways to make money on Timebucks

At Timebucks, there will be many different ways to make money for you to choose from.

4.1 Do a survey

Timebucks will give you a list of paid surveys depending on your profile. You can take different surveys and get paid in Timebucks.

Most surveys are offered through routers from many providers. So you can find a lot of surveys in almost every country.

But the downside is that sometimes you have to wait for them to find a survey that’s right for you.

As you can see, the reward for a successful survey is about $1.4. This is a pretty decent amount compared to many other survey sites.

làm khảo sát trực tuyến

4.2 Watch videos

Timebucks has another way to make money by watching short videos. You can choose the Videos you want to watch and get paid for watching for a certain number of seconds.

4.3. Surf the web, watch advertising

This task is very simple. You just need to click to see the ads of the providers and wait a few seconds to receive the money.

4.4 Make money with Tiktok

You can get paid for small tasks like creating a tiktok account, liking, following, posting videos, etc. on Tiktok.

The amount earned from tiktok will depend on your TikTok account’s quality score when connecting to Timebucks. If your tiktok account has a lot of Followers, you will earn a lot of money.


4.5 Play games for money

If you like to play games then this way to earn money is for you. Choose the game you want to play and complete it within a certain amount of time to get a reward.

chơi trò chơi kiếm tiền

4.6 Do the quest to earn money

You can do small paying tasks like data entry to earn money with vendors in Timebucks. These tasks don’t take much time.

4.7 Get Cashback on Shopping

If you like to shop online, you will probably be interested in this. In timebucks there is an option to refund when your friends shop online with the partners they cooperate with.

4.8 Earn with Capcha

Capcha is also an option to earn money in Timebucks. The great thing about this quest is that you can do it without any limit on numbers.

You will receive $0.003 for every 20 successfully solved capchas. If you can solve the Capcha fast. You will have a chance to receive an extra $0.1. However, this task will take a lot of your time. If not, you can join in other ways.


4.9 Get Daily Rewards

Every 24 hours you will be able to click “Roll” to get free daily rewards in Timebucks. The amount you get will depend on the number you spin. You can get up to $100. And the lowest is $0.002 according to the version below.

But please note that in order to receive the Roll you must complete at least 10 other tasks in the previous Timebucks. However, there are many tasks in Timebucks so it will not be too difficult for you to achieve.

phần thưởng hàng ngày

4.10 Daily competition

Every day, the top 5 earners on timebucks will get some extra bonus. The 1st person will get $20 and $1 for the 5th person. And it’s not too difficult for you to get into the top 5. So this is also a way to earn more money in Timebucks without having to do much.

4.11 Invite others to join Timebucks

You can invite others to join timebucks and get a commission for this. You will receive commission with 5 income tiers. This means that you can also receive commissions from people other people invite.

This is you commission you will receive with 5 tiers of income:

If you invite a lot of people and they invite a lot, this can help you make a great passive income. Because with 5 tiers it becomes a pretty good referral program compared to other similar websites.


4.12 How much money can you earn from Timebucks

Your earnings will vary depending on your location, profile, and time spent on Timebucks.

If you are in an area with a lot of surveys you will make more money than elsewhere. However, there are many different tasks in timebucks that are not based on location that can help you earn money.

In addition, you can also make pretty good money with the timebucks referral program. And there’s no limit to how many people you can invite.

You have the opportunity to earn $10-$15/task after completing, up to about $1739/month if you do full tasks on your phone.

But like any other money making site, you shouldn’t expect to make money dependent entirely on it. You should consider it as a source of extra income in your free time only.

5. Registration Instructions

It’s very easy to sign up. Then fill in the registration information (email, password, …) and receive a confirmation email in just a few seconds.

When you complete the registration, you will receive a free $1 to your account. Note when registering an account, go to the “Settings” section to update the necessary content:

  • Profile: your personal information
  • Payment Method: payment information – enter your withdrawal wallet
  • Verify ID: verify account (over $10 to verify)

6. How to withhdraw from TimeBucks

Timebucks will process payments once a week on the weekly Thursday.

Once you set the withdrawal min of $10 you can request payment through many different gateways such as bitcoin, payeer, AirTM, Neteller or Bank transfer.

Timebucks used to pay via paypal, but now paypal no longer supports platforms like Timebucks.

If you still want to pay by paypal you will have to sign up for AirTM first. And when you receive money at AirTM you can withdraw to Paypal.

Anyway, you can completely withdraw directly to your bank account or in many other ways that you think are suitable.

Your money will be automatically paid by Timebucks when the minimum withdrawal is reached and if you do not want to withdraw, you can choose HOLD MY PAYMENT to keep it in your Timebucks account to use or withdraw anytime you want.

7. Advantages and Disadvantages


– Provide many tasks for you to earn money

– Pay with cash instead of gift cards or points

– Payable with bitcoin

– Free to join

– Multi-tiered member referral program

– Suitable for many regions, countries

– Min withdrawal is low

– Especially, if you don’t need cash urgently you can leave it in Bitcoin form. Your money will increase quite a lot with the increase in the price of Bitcoin.

– Some low paying quests

– You must complete at least 10 quests to receive rewards every day

– Payment only on Thursdays

8. Conclusion

This is a doable project, people who have free time and want to earn an extra source of income, it will be really good if you work hard and develop it.

You can try it here. You will not lose anything by joining this program.

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