Quietum Plus reviews: Scam Risks or Legit Hearing Health Supplement?

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Product Name Quietum Plus
Main benefits It improves ear health and relief from tinnitus.
Money Back Guarantee 60 days
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It’s not unusual or uncommon for people to get an ear injury when you think about it. The impact of the injury can sometimes be extremely painful and uncomfortable. Truth be told, the act of unintentionally causing injury to the ear can happen at any time. For example, water can enter the ear and cause discomfort or damage to the ear if the headset is worn too deeply. These are just two of the many ways people can injure their ears. Even noise pollution and constant stress can damage your hearing. According to the World Health Organization, 50% of cases of hearing loss and impairment can be avoided with early detection, prevention and management.”

Damage to the ear can cause many health problems if it is left untreated. Honestly, going to the doctor is very expensive, and not everyone can afford to go to the doctor. Furthermore, prescription drugs are also quite expensive.

But there is a supplement that can help with hearing problems. This supplement is called Quietum Plus.

As you may have experienced, being hard of hearing can be quite annoying, such as not hearing people speaking, and sometimes even the slightest noise can make you extremely uncomfortable.

Quietum Plus can help with these problems. This is due to the natural ingredients used in this supplement. The plants and herbs used to make this supplement are known for their beneficial properties.

What is Quietum Plus?

Quietum Plus supplements are natural supplements that help improve the health of your ears. They contain many nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are essential for good hearing and overall ear health. The company claims that these products are made with natural ingredients, notably herbal extracts.

Quietum Plus supplements do not contain preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, nor any other chemicals. No worries about side effects as the ingredients used are organic.

They are balanced in the right amount to effectively benefit their results.

They are made in an FDA approved facility and the ingredients are certified as non-GMO.

Quietum Plus oral tablet comes in an easy-to-swallow capsule form and each bottle contains 30 supplemental pills.

Quiet Plus extra benefit

As stated on the official website, most of the customers of Quietum Plus have either positive or negative reviews, the Quietum Plus supplement offers many benefits to the body. While it is designed to improve hearing health, it also targets other parts of the body. Some of the main functions of the plugin include

  • 100% natural and safe ingredients
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Treatment of hearing-related disorders such as tinnitus
  • Nourish the ear cells and enhance the functions of the ear
  • Quietum Plus reviews show enrichment of brain cells and enhanced cognitive function
  • Provides a healthy inflammatory response
  • Reverses the effects of oxidative stress on cells
  • Enhance mental clarity and functions
  • Strengthens the nervous system
  • Lowers blood pressure and improves circulation
  • Reduces the risk of developing an infection

Quietum Plus’s Natural and Effective Ingredients


Each serving of Quietum Plus contains a variety of natural ingredients such as:

Black Cohosh

Clinically known as ‘Actaea Racemosa’, Black Cohosh has been widely used throughout Asia, South and North America to prepare various traditional medicines known to support the human nervous system. In this regard, several studies published by researchers in the West now claim that this plant can help relay signals between the ear and the brain faster, thus allowing the user to have better hearing feel better. Not only that, it also helps to revive the growth of certain neurons in our auditory canal as well as providing other peripheral benefits such as:

  • It promotes faster growth of some vestibular hair follicles which are known to increase the sensitivity of the human ear to sounds and environmental stimuli.
  • It helps to improve the overall cognitive capacity of the brain


Yam plant extract is extremely rich in certain minerals – potassium, manganese, copper – and vitamins that can help improve the functioning of the human ear. They are also an excellent source of fiber and antioxidants, thus allowing them to provide benefits such as:

  • They can help reduce any inflammation-related symptoms a person may have.
  • They can optimize the way our digestive system works, thus allowing the user to effectively improve the function of the small and large intestines.

Finally, some recent studies have shown that they can be used to improve the overall health of our cranial nerves, thus allowing to mitigate some hearing problems such as tinnitus ear.

Blessed thistle

 It also treats the body when sick, cures colds, fevers, bacterial infections, diarrhea, and even cancer. Since it is a diuretic, Blessed thistle improves the amount of urine the user produces.

Interestingly, nursing mothers will use Blessed thistle for the same purpose as they use fenugreek – to stimulate breast milk production. However, this type of benefit is also not the most effective strategy for improving hearing.

Hops extract

Hops extract is derived as an ingredient in many medications, especially in formulations for anxiety or insomnia. It also helps consumers with stress, ADHD, and irritability. While this extract can produce many mental improvements, the ability to improve memory is not one of the benefits.

This extract may also improve metabolism, but studies to support that benefit are few.

Chaste Tree

Also known as ‘Abraham’s Balm’, the fruit of Chaste Tree is commonly used to treat headaches and ear disorders. It is also used to prepare many traditional medicines and has been shown to help relieve stress, anxiety, and other similar mental problems quickly and effectively.

Chaste Tree is also known to help regulate several important hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.

Dong Quai

This ingredient is used to improve the circulation of blood, especially in and around the ears. This helps the ears get the nutrients they need. In addition, Dong Quai also helps to improve blood quality.

Hops Extract

This is another important ingredient. Hops extract is known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. This helps reduce damage caused and helps eliminate inflammation and pain.


Motherwort has become quite a popular solution for people with heart disease, helping users to avoid heart failure or even irregular heartbeat. With improvements in circulation, communication in the brain related to hearing is more effective.

Motherwort is also used to correct hyperthyroidism, reduce bloating, and regulate the menstrual cycle (for those who have missed their periods many times).

How does It Work?

Before buying any dietary supplement, you should know the ingredients used and how it works. This is done to ensure the supplement is safe to consume.

In a word, Quietum Plus uses a healthy formula made up entirely of natural ingredients that work for the body instead of introducing a foreign ingredient or ingredient. Although results vary from person to person, this supplement has been shown to eliminate hearing problems.

According to their official website, Quietum Plus can help boost your blood circulation around and in your ears. When this happens, the formula ensures that blood rich in nutrients and oxygen reaches the ears to nourish them. In addition, Quietum Plus has several antioxidants that help prevent and fight damage caused by free radicals. It also helps the body reduce oxidative stress, which is also one of the main reasons for age-related hearing loss.

Additionally, this formula helps increase the production of earwax, also known as cerumen.

Cerumen is extremely important because it protects the ear from bacteria and toxins. This reduces the risk of illness and infection by a very large percentage. This is precisely why cerumen are needed.

Furthermore, this supplement ensures that no harmful fluid enters and damages the inner ear, like the ear bones and the eardrum. Additionally, Quietum Plus users will also see an increase in the production of endolymph, a fluid found in the inner ear. This happens because Quietum Plus provides the ear with a healthy dose of potassium. This will help enhance hearing as the endolymph is also responsible for converting sound/noise into nerve impulses.

It is essential for healthy endolymph production as it ensures better hearing.

When the immune system is working properly, it can fight off almost any illness, regardless of whether they involve the ear or not.

In people’s terms, this supplement helps repair damage caused to the ear and helps prevent other problems, while also improving hearing.

Quietum Plus side effects

There are no side effects when consuming Quietum Plus, one of the safest supplements available. It is made entirely of natural ingredients. As mentioned earlier, no toxins or harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process of this supplement.

The reason why there are no chemicals is that they can have negative side effects on your body. The presence of toxic substances can also cause lasting damage.

But with Quietum Plus, you can be sure that no harmful substances are used in the manufacturing process.

This formula is backed by years of study and research, which means it’s safe to use. Every ingredient has been researched for its effects, and only the best are selected.

Is Quietum Plus a scam?

No, Quietum Plus is not a scam. This product and company is quite legit and they also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction and increase their legitimacy.

You should ensure that you allow enough time for the supplement to take effect as, as mentioned earlier, results vary from person to person and it may take some time to show results.

But if you are not satisfied with the add-on, you can always claim and get a refund. This way you won’t lose any money. It’s a win-win situation for you.

The only risk you can face is falling prey to a fake Quietum Plus supplement. Many people will try to sell you fake products but if you want to avoid falling prey to scams, make sure that you purchase the supplement from their official website quietly.

How to request a refund

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can contact customer service and request a refund.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when requesting a refund.

You must request a refund within 60 days of purchase.

Make sure you have Quietum Plus bottles to return to the manufacturer, they don’t have to be full. You just need to send the bottles back.

who is Quietum Plus for?

This supplement works for anyone and everyone who wants to improve their hearing. It is a natural and safe supplement with no reported side effects.

With that said, this supplement to prevent age-related hearing loss and thus will work wonders for those who are age-escalating.

However, not everyone can do it. For example, women who are pregnant should not take this supplement.

Here are some precautions you must take before consuming this supplement.

Quietum Plus is not intended for nursing and pregnant women.

People who take the drug every day should avoid taking it.

If you still have doubts about it, you can always consult your doctor or check out the customer reviews page of Quietum Plus on their website.

Is it available on other online stores?

The answer is no, Quietum Plus is not available on any other online store. You can only purchase this supplement on their official website Quietumplus.com.

How long does it take to show the results?

As mentioned earlier, the time it takes to show results is different for each person. It may take less time for some people and may take longer for others. This is why you should buy this product in bulk. This way, you have enough time to see the results show up.

According to the manufacturers, the longer you take this supplement, the longer the effects will last. This is a good reason why you should order in bulk.

Other things you can do to improve your hearing

Use earplugs to protect your hearing

Loud noises you are exposed to every day can damage your hearing. To protect your ears, you should use earplugs or earmuffs, and get away from the noise as quickly as possible.

Turn the volume down

Do not listen to music at too high a volume. Do not listen to music, watch TV, or listen to the radio at high volume with the aim of masking the surrounding noise. By doing so, your hearing will be seriously damaged. If the person sitting next to you hears your music, immediately turn the volume down!

Use the 60:60 rule

To enjoy music safely, listen to the maximum volume at 60% and for no more than 60 minutes a day. This will help you have a healthier hearing!

Choose good headphones

When listening to music, choose headphones with noise cancellation capabilities. Blocking outside noises will allow you to listen at lower volumes. Do not use small in-ear headphones because they cannot cover the ears and you can easily hear the surrounding noise.

Protect your ears at work

If your workplace has a lot of noise, talk to your manager about noise reduction to protect your hearing. Wear earplugs or earplugs if you use noisy equipment such as electric drills, saws, sanders, etc.

Take time for hearing to recover

Give your ears time to recover from exposure to loud noises. According to experts, the ears need at least 16 hours of rest after spending about 2 hours listening to sound at 100dB. Reducing the recovery time increases the risk of permanent deafness.

Use natural herbal products to protect hearing

In addition to the above 6 simple ways, many experts also recommend that patients use additional herbal products, such as Kim Thinh functional food. With the main ingredients from milled plants, combined with tonic bones, snail scales, terracotta, dan ginseng … Kim Thinh helps protect and enhance hearing, effectively supports the treatment of cases of hearing loss. , ear pain, tinnitus and other ear diseases.

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