Alive Reviews – Is This Weight Loss Supplement Worth It?

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Product Name: Alive
Main benefits: Helps you lose weight no matter what age you are or how much weight you want to lose. Better mood. Improves health
Money Back Guarantee: 60 day
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Alive is a nutritional supplement that is claimed to help with weight loss. You just need to take Alive every day, then start burning every pound of fat. Learn everything you need to know about Alive diet pills today in my review.

1. What is Alive?

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Alive is a diet pill that helps burn stubborn fat. It is said to help you lose weight quickly with no effort.

According to its official website, Alive weight loss supplement uses powerful natural ingredients to melt fat within weeks. The ingredients inside these pills are obtained from organic plant sources, making them a potentially safe supplement for long-term use.

You just need to take one Alive capsule every morning with breakfast. It makes it easy to lose a significant amount of weight with minimal effort.

Alive is manufactured in the USA in a GMP certified, FDA registered facility.

Other than that, I know nothing about who made Alive, the source of the ingredients, or what kind of medical expertise was used to create the supplement – if any. It is not clear if Alive has been tested by third-party laboratories for purity and potency.

The company has a fulfillment center in Taylor, Michigan as its headquarters. They do not disclose production locations or company headquarters.

You can contact the manufacturers of Alive via the following address:


Actual return address: 6000 Pardee Road, Taylor, MI 48180, USA

2. How does alive work?

 Alive works well thanks to its excellent composition. The product contains special ingredients that affect your brain. Even if you do everything you can to boost your metabolism, you won’t see any results if the increased metabolic rate counteracts your big appetite. But why is your appetite so great to begin with?

Meaning, as you become dependent on the dopamine released in your brain when you indulge in your favorite foods, you will crave more and more. Your brain releases dopamine, the happy hormone when you eat foods you like. The ecstasy you get when you eat is the reason why you can’t control your cravings.

What Alive does is ensures that enough dopamine is released in your brain as it was originally, without you having to overeat. Therefore, you can see results when you exercise or when you diet, not the weight you have lost because of ignoring cravings. So in a nutshell, when dopamine is produced in sufficient amounts in your brain:

  • You get a good feeling (which boosts your mood).
  • Your metabolism is not affected and can do its job.

If you look at the ingredients of this supplement, you will know that many of them are fat burners. This means they boost your metabolism along with increasing dopamine production. By boosting your metabolism, they burn fat at an extremely fast rate to ensure that you can optimally lose weight in a short time.

You just need to remember one last thing that Alive weight loss supplements are not a cure or treatment for obesity or another disease. It is just a functional food that supports weight loss and other benefits for your health.

3. Ingredients in Alive

The ingredients are mentioned on the Supplement’s Official Website Reference page. While the site doesn’t say anything about third-party studies and tests being done on Alive formulations anywhere, the ingredients this supplement should contain are indeed supported. by science and comprehensive studies done on their effects. Alive lists dozens of peer-reviewed articles on the References page as evidence for its effectiveness, including studies on Green coffee bean extract, TeaCrine, Guarana, and other ingredients. According to these reports and assuming Alive contains the ingredients mentioned in it, this product can actually help you become slimmer, as follows:

Scientific- article-about-alive


According to 2017 research, fenugreek supplements can increase markers of metabolic health even while on a high-fat diet. The study was performed on 2 groups of mice. One group was put on a high-fat diet after supplementing with fenugreek for 16 weeks, while the other group was given a placebo. The fenugreek group had a healthier metabolism than the placebo group.


Capsaicin, an active ingredient in chili peppers, may also be present in Alive. Capsaicin is being used in many diet pills and is said to help you lose weight. It is used as a thermogenic in some supplements and claims to help burn fat from the inside. Alive’s manufacturers referenced a 2018 report conducted on BMC Obesity that found that capsaicin supplementation reduced fat density and body fat. This ingredient helped 75 human subjects lose weight, as opposed to a group of placebo subjects. Similarly, a 2013 study found that capsaicin can trigger fat oxidation, which helps the body burn fat.

African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis)

Alive also seems to contain Irvingia Gabonensis, a West African plant. Irvingia Gabonensis extract is commonly used in diet pills. If you have heard of African Mango, then know this is Irvingia Gabonensis with its more common name African Mango has been shown to help reduce body fat by balancing blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Green Tea Extract

The makers of Alive also cite research on Green Tea. Many reports have linked this tea to weight loss. A 2012 Cochrane study found that people drink Green Tea every day because it has been shown to improve metabolism and help them lose weight.


TeaCrine seems to be present in Alive as well. It is a form of TheaCrine, which is a natural ingredient found in some teas. Researchers who gave their study participants 200mg of TeaCrine and a placebo saw a significant increase in stamina, a decrease in burnout, and a significant weight loss effect, among other things, in those people. join using this component.

4. Why does try the Alive Supplement?

There are countless weight loss products on the market, so why should you buy this product for your health? First, you need to understand what most supplements do to be able to see what Alive does differently. Telling you, most other dietary supplements work to boost your metabolism. They allow your body to burn fat faster into energy so that fat is not collected.

This is an important step because when metabolism slows down, fat is stored leading to weight gain. The only problem here is that even if your metabolism is fast, you can still lose a lot of weight, because your active efforts have been overcome by your habit of overeating. friend. So you can lose a few pounds that you gain immediately when you indulge in unhealthy foods.

Alive combats this problem as it allows you to enjoy the dopamine release as it is so you don’t succumb to overeating. Therefore, diet and exercise ultimately show increased results rather than vice versa. So you could say that while other weight loss products and methods tackle your metabolism, they completely ignore what’s going on in your brain.

5. How does use Alive

The manufacturers of Alive recommend taking one Alive capsule each morning with breakfast.

Alive contains caffeine, which means it’s best taken in the morning. If you take Alive later in the day, you may have trouble sleeping.

6. Target Alive Dopamine in the Brain

Most diet pills work by using thermogenics, stimulants, appetite suppressants, fiber, and other common ingredients. However, Alive claims to work the other way around: it claims to target dopamine levels in the brain.

Dopamine is an important hormone for weight loss, mood, and motivation. Your body releases dopamine as a reward mechanism.

Usually, weight loss pills do not significantly increase or decrease dopamine levels. However, Alive claims to affect dopamine levels to make weight loss easier.

Why target dopamine? How is Dopamine related to weight loss? The makers of Alive claim unhealthy foods trigger dopamine. By raising dopamine levels in your body, you can intentionally trick your mind into eating unhealthy foods:

“Your brain craves dopamine… A lot of unhealthy foods trigger the release of dopamine… And that’s why, when you cut out those foods, your body freaks out. That’s why all diets are impossible in the long run… That’s what makes ALIVE unique… It contains ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help support dopamine production ( so you don’t have cravings)…”

Alive cannot claim to increase dopamine levels. However, the supplement makes claims to support dopamine production. That means you may have more dopamine in your body after taking Alive, making it easier for you to stick to your diet and lose weight.

7. Advantages and disadvantages of Alive


  • Reduced cravings and cravings
  • Supports the production of dopamine in your brain
  • Helps you lose weight no matter what age you are or how much weight you want to lose
  • Easy to do as part of a 5 second morning weight loss routine
  • Better mood: Since Alive supports dopamine production, it naturally improves your mood. It fights mood disorders and restores positivity without you having to resort to unhealthy methods to get your dopamine.
  • Higher Energy: As mentioned, this supplement contains caffeine. This means it really does wonders for your energy levels. You can get rid of fatigue and become more active mentally and physically.
  • Mental clarity: Regular use of this supplement not only melts fat from your body but also increases your concentration by providing you with mental clarity.
  • Improves health: As your weight goes down, your risk of certain diseases goes down. You feel better overall health as your immunity is also boosted.
  • 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days with no questions asked.


  • Pregnant and nursing women should not use Alive. In addition, if you have a medical condition or need to take medication, you should consult your doctor before using Alive.
  • Not intended for persons under 18 years of age.

8. Who Should Take Ideal Alive Weight Loss Pills?

An alive weight loss supplement is suitable for anyone interested in losing weight with minimal effort. The company claims that it’s safe for everyone, regardless of age, but it clearly doesn’t include children and teenagers. What they mean is that Alive is suitable for people with different health conditions, occupational roles, habits, and dietary preferences.

9. How many Alive capsules are there in a bottle?

One bottle of Alive supplement contains 60 capsules. Therefore, this product is enough for a whole month.

10. What does if you experience negative side effects?

In case you experience any negative side effects while using this supplement, you can return it. You should stop using the product if it shows any negative side effects. If the side effects are serious, contact your doctor. However, it is not a risky product, which is why such a situation should not arise.

11. Review of Alive – The Last Word

Aliva is a potential support system for your weight loss journey. Its natural ingredients can help to lose weight with less fatigue and burden on the body and help maintain a good mood during this period. It claims to improve dopamine and serotonin production, ensuring that users don’t suffer from emotional eating or the inevitable cravings that could disrupt their weight loss efforts. Don’t think anymore but start your weight loss journey with Alive weight loss pills today.

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